the only consulting company that marries sales + marketing so you can have ultimate control of your company.

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Loyal Dallas Cowboys fan, terrible part-time rapper, connoisseur of a good bottle of Malbec.

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Fluent in GIF, advocate for core confidence,
will work for chocolate croissants.


Our "in a nutshell" story

Northwicks Consuting, LLC started more by accident and pure "why the hell not" than out of long-term planning. 

When Brandon and Sara first began working together, it was as affiliates for network marketing companies. During their time together in that particular industry, they both quickly came to realize:

  • over-induced hype wore off rather quickly

  • every-90-day-events weren't enough for people to really get what they needed

  • truly believing in what you're selling is kindof a big deal

  • you were given a "business in a box" with no tools to actually build it for consistent, long-term success

  • professional sales skills was no where to be found!

  • when someone told you 'no', it was encouraged to demean everything about that person's life choices

After stepping away from the industry teachers and striking out to learn all the missing pieces we needed, was when the genesis of the company was born.

Bit by bit and 18-hour day by 18-hour day, Brandon consumed himself with nothing but trainings on marketing, building funnels, successful advertising, and email marketing. 

Sara began training on all things sales. 

Northwicks Consulting was ultimately created to serve businesses, company owners and entrepreneurs who needed to gain control of their business.

Who needed to learn the vital lesson that sales and marketing weren't just two, separate departments that could survive on their own; but rather one, single entity driving the profits and sustainability of the entire company engine!

It's our intention to elevate you to a high(er) performing company through high accountability. Because once you have that, your company truly has no limit whatsoever!

could your business use more relevancy and more sales?