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The Truth About Facebook Advertising [Recorded Training]

The Truth About Facebook Advertising [Recorded Training]

How many times have you invested money into advertising just to come out with a big, fat ZERO to show for it? 

Well, if you're like everyone else, chances are you've ended up on the losing side of their advertising. And while you may not have experienced any positive financial returns, the good news is: you probably learned a thing or two.

Like, possibly not to run ads anymore, right?

Listen, I get it. I've invested tens of thousands of dollars into Facebook™ and didn't get a single, positive ROI on any of the campaigns. And while logic would dictate that I have every right to cancel my relationship with their Ads Department, I went the opposite direction and started to learn a few things that were missing from the successful ROI equation. Things like:

  •  hyper targeting
  • high converting ad copy
  • behaviorally dynamic followups 
  • and even automated sales processes.

Now we're averaging about 4-1 on the ads we run for ourselves
and up to 2400% ROI for our clients. 

But Before We Go Any Further...

It's important to know that we are not a digital marketing agency; however, we do have a valuable understanding of the type of content to create; how to craft a message; present the offer and actually target precisely. All of which are vital parts in actually making money from your advertising dollars.

In Today's Post

I'll be spending our time together breaking down a basic process we use to create our ads so we can drive leads and sales to both ours and our clients' businesses. During this 30-minute video training, I share real results with you to prove what I'm saying is both current and relevant and I hold nothing back. 

I held it LIVE on Periscope - go ahead and follow me on my new channel:


Facebook Advertising [Behind The Scenes, Live]

Recently, we ran a campaign for one of our clients who operates a high-end portrait studio; within 36 hours of launching the ad, we were able to acquire him qualified leads that were booking his consultations!  

Each consultation is worth (on avg.) $1,200 to our client and he was only paying $10.96 for each one of them...

That's less than a $50 investment for a $1,200 per client return. I'll take that all day! 

Quick snapshot of our client's campaign || You can click the image above to make it larger & easier for you to see.

The video training covers:

• My systematic approach to creating ads
• The questions to ask yourself so you can create the perfect offer...EVERYTIME
• How to find who to sell to, and how to sell it
• Ad Distribution - where to place your ads - "Ad Distribution"

The Big Question: 
Does Facebook advertising only work with a big budget?

Walk through the process we used to help our client acquire more high end portrait clients of more value into his local business for less than $10.00.

Go ahead; press play!

The Truth About Facebook™ Advertising [The Wrap Up]

Hopefully you were able to dedicate undivided attention to the training video. If not, I encourage you to go back when you can commit to watching it where you'll be undisturbed and can fully immerse yourself in what I share with you.

The truth of the matter is that, while Facebook™ advertising can be intimidating (if you're new to it or have been unsuccessful with it in the past)...

and while it can be downright irritating (like when they make changes to the Power Editor platform while I'm in the middle of drafting an ad -- grr!)...

There's an inescapable fact that it pays to advertise effectively on Facebook™. In fact, let me throw this at you:

[In 2015 alone] the United States collectively invested more than $9.4 billion dollars in social media advertising, and it’s forecast that by 2017 the value of ad spending on social media will hit $17.34 billion!
— Statista, The Statistic Portal

Now why would companies, business owners and entrepreneurs invest their hard-earned advertising dollars in a space where they never saw a return? Simple: they wouldn't.

Each and every one of them have learned that advertising via social media - especially on Facebook™ - is a vital, imperative component to the overall success of their business.

Some learned the painstaking way of trial, error and wasted advertising dollars; some decided to outsource the process to people who could get the job done effectively and profitably; which is exactly where we come in.

When it comes to advertising, sales processes and automation - 
nobody is better than we are.

If you're:

  • invested in growing your business with the help of social media but uncertain of how or what to do [in order] to produce valuable results
  • new to advertising, period
  • looking to escalate your business results more quickly
  • curious or have questions and want to see how we could provide you the same service
  • aiming to attract more customers of more value while spending less time doing so...

I'd like to invite you to sign up for a complimentary "Results in Advance" consultation. Yes, complimentary, as in 100% FREE to you.  

During this complimentary 1:1, I give you an entire tailor-made marketing plan and sales strategy at absolutely no cost to you (it's why we call it 'Results in Advance', because that's exactly what you get)

Not some cookie cutter "one-size-fits-all" spiel, but a custom marketing plan and sales process that makes legitimate sense to your industry and specific market.

Peaked your interest yet? Go to our RIA form here, now: www.northwicksconsutling.com/qualify

I look forward to hearing from you & seeing how I can help escalate your business. 🙂

Brandon Northwick
Owner, Northwicks Consulting, LLC
(P) 702-789-8300

P.S. - If you're not using Facebook™ ads right now, share with me in the comments below what you are using to grow your business.

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