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Magnetic Messaging: How To Build a Solid Foundation Underneath Your Business

Magnetic Messaging: How To Build a Solid Foundation Underneath Your Business

Building a business on sand is a sure fire way to lose in the long run. So, the question becomes, How do you build a solid foundation underneath your business?

Good news: it's not some TOP SECRET formula that only the 1% know about!

Today, you'll see how you can start to attract you ideal client and customer more often following this 2-step process, and it's only 7 minutes long - but filled to the brim with value. 

PRESS PLAY: Magnetic Messaging for Solid Business Foundations

Magnetic Messaging (Recap)

If you commit to creating (at minimum) one piece of truly great, customer-serving content each week and learn how to distribute it on all platforms, you'll see growth in your business.

By doing this, you'll begin building a following of "binge watchers" which are far more susceptible to purchasing from you than the "wanderers" who may float to your page or content from time to time with no real intention.

Think About It...

How many times have you consumed someone's videos, books and trainings - just to find yourself purchasing a live ticket to a seminar or conference of theirs?

When you can get your audience to “binge watch” and consume your material on a routine basis, you WIN big time.

Next, you'll want to have 3 core pillars you stand on. I share 4 in the video, but you really only need three. These are the three things that you will talk about - repeatedly - to your market which will ultimately attract more of the people with that problem or those who want to help others with that problem. 

Not only that; but it also works wonders at repelling people who aren't interested in you, your service or product, which helps save you time and resources.

Our Core Pillars:

1. They must have a REAL business - no "get rich quick" people or opportunity seekers.
2. They must be seeing some success, but still want to do better.
3. They must be running paid advertisements.
4. They must want to sell at a premium price and interesting in leveraging advanced automation. 

Those are the people we can help immediately.

If you're stuck on what your core pillars might be, think about this question:

What characteristics does my perfect client have, and what skill sets do I have that can help that person get a result immediately?

Once you begin to implement the Magnetic Messaging into your business, you'll see a huge increase in the impact you have with your clients and their businesses. And as everyone knows: the bigger the impact you can create in someone else's life, the more loyal they'll be to you as a long-term paying customer. 

Everybody wins.  :)

Now, if you stumbled across this article and resonated with the topic of conversation, that tells me...

  • you're either someone who's experiencing this magnetic messaging problem yourself
  • or, you're interested in helping others tweak their [magnetic] messaging

Either way, I would love to offer you a conversation. Specifically a "Results in Advance" consultation call, completely free of charge. 

I should mention, however, that because it's complimentary this means there's a caveat: you have to qualify, first. Don't worry, the process is pain-free; I promise. To qualify for a complimentary 75-minute consultation, visit this page here: QUALIFY and then schedule a (tentative) date + time for us to speak 1:1. 

My partner, Sara, will call you to confirm whether you qualify and answer any other questions you may have.

To Magnetic Messaging,
Brandon Northwick
Owner, Northwicks Consulting, LLC
(P) 702-789-8300

P.S. - What were your thoughts on today's video message? We'd love to hear your feedback below!

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