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STOP! Use These 5 Profound Elements To Build Out A Profitable Sales Funnel, Now!

STOP! Use These 5 Profound Elements To Build Out A Profitable Sales Funnel, Now!

"Did my sales funnel die out?" "Did it ever really get going?"

These are questions most business owners ask themselves, and to be honest; they never stood a chance. I won't hide the fact that there's a lot of junk being taught out there right now, but having multiple working sales funnels is what will take your business up a notch. 

Without fluffing or small talk, let's get right into the five profoundly powerful elements of a profitable sales funnel, so you can stop wasting your time & resources turning on sales machines that aren't strong enough to give you the return you're looking for.

Sales Funnel Element #1: Must Have a Strong Offer

As crazy as it might sound, some people have...really. bad. offers! 

Sure, the product is nice. The service may even be great, but the offer is not put together well at all.

If you have something that's amazing but you wrap it in doo-doo, it doesn't matter how magical or life-changing it may be; the truth of the matter is that people won't stop to take a look. 

It's like having a 1961 Ferrari 250 GT California SWB Spyder - one of the rarest cars in the world, worth an estimated $17.2 million - covering it in bumper stickers and claiming the stickers protect the paint job. 

Image Credit: Digital Trends

First of all: no one will believe it's one of the rarest cars in the world; and two: even if they did, their perceived value of the car has diminished to nothing because the presentation of the car looks elementary, cheap and (to be blunt) downright tacky. 

If you're struggling with crafting a strong, sales-worthy offer for your market, we'd love to sit down and have a conversation about how to fix that. Click here to fill out a short questionnaire and schedule a time for us to talk!

Sales Funnel Element #2: Knowing Your Market & Dream Customers

Without this knowledge, you're pretty much guessing. That's why you have got to do your research. When it comes to doing research you can always rely on Google™, the data from Facebook™ audience insights, and other softwares specifically designed for market research insights.

I also encourage you to complete your Perfect Avatar before ever putting together your advertising copy. Otherwise you risk wasting vast amounts of time, energy, and resources - including your ad dollars.  :-( 

Image Credit: overthinkingit.com

And by Avatar, believe me...I'm not talking about the crazy lookin' blue things from that the epic movie from James Cameron either. 


I'm talking about the intricate Avatar of your absolute, 100% perfect, most ideal customer or client. 

Asking the right questions to find out who your buyer really is; what makes them tick; what do they believe; their purchase patterns and buying habits, etc...and then creating a campaign to attract that person.

Assuming that your offer is what they actually want, of course. Because remember what I said earlier - your offer has to be strong and presented attractively.

Then, you'd simply do this for every demographic you wanted to market to. This ensures accuracy and relevancy; two key components that either help make or break your sales funnels.

Sales Funnel Element #3: Segment Your Market With Personalization

When you're creating your ads you want to make sure you're speaking to one specific group of people at a time. Using an image that would appeal to that crowd and then making sure the lead page is congruent with the ad itself. 

For example: let's say you've written a book on parenting tips for first time parents, you could seperate your ideal audience into women (moms) and men (dads).  

Image Credit: ig.com/taylergolden

Instead of crafting an ad that spoke generally to both men and women (because let's face it: the type of verbiage that women respond to is far different that what men respond to, and vice versa), you would split your ad into two.   

For ad #1, you could speak directly to new mothers between 24-35 yrs of age, who live in (say) Montana and are looking for a tips on first time parenting. The image could be something related to a young mom with her newborn or young infant, and then you would speak within your ad copy as though you were sitting directly in front of that new mother. 

Image Credit: ig.com/taylergolden

You would duplicate the process for your male audience for ad #2, simply change the image & language to suit the mind of your male audience. This way, there's an element of personalization and you're not losing the very crucial human element of your sales process.

Also, when you lead with personalization, you will see an increase in engagement and your CPA (cost per acquisition) will go down significantly. 

Sales Funnel Element #4: Have Multiple Tiers / Payment Options

When you're building a sales funnel, you'll want to give yourself plenty of opportunities to make sales. This is where having up-sells, down-sells, payment options and anything else that will lead to crushing all objections comes into play.

If there's a price objection, you could solve it by offering a double or triple payment option.

Let's say a customer began the buying process but wanted to collect more information before continuing; this could be established with either a down-sell or an option to call for more information where you could complete the sale over the phone. 

(of course, this process would depend on what you're selling and how you're positioning the offer.)

The flexibility that multiple-tiered offers or payment options offers is a powerful piece to the puzzle that is your profitable sales funnel.

Sales Funnel Element #5: Deliver The Goods

When you're making these funnels, it's very easy to promise the world just to see if you can make the sale.

Image Credit: gratisography.com

Beside the questionable ethics, the issue with this is that if you don't have any plans or intentions to fulfill this promise and you end up making one (or even worse, more) not only will you be so far behind and pissed off, but you'll also be placed in a position that could damage your entire business.

That pressure alone is enough to cause you to drop the ball.

So, make sure that whatever gods you're marketing, that you have an intention and action plan to deliver on those goods. Whatever you're promising or guaranteeing, make sure to keep your word.

By sticking to your word & delivering on the goods you promise, when your audience is exposed to other funnels of yours, they'll hop in and be happy about the experience because they know for a fact you are a businessperson of your word and they can depend on you to give what you say they'll get.


Having a sales funnel is one thing. Having a sales funnel that works and makes you money for business is a whole 'nother ballgame.

For your sales funnel to be both profoundly powerful and profitable, you'll need to have the following five elements in place:

  1. A strong, well-packaged offer
  2. Ideal customer market insights (aka: your perfect avatar)
  3. Personalizing your sales funnel with segmentation
  4. Providing multiple tiers and/or payment options for your customers
  5. Delivering on what you promise 

If you have these elements in your sales funnel, you'll be in great shape.

But don't just stick to one way of building it either.

I highly encourage testing. Get creative.

You'll want to find out: does video convert better than text; which payment plan is most popular, etc. Testing is always a way of gathering necessary data to make more informed, better decisions in the future.  

All that's left now is for you to go and implement these elements, and share your results and comments below.

Brandon Northwick
Owner, Northwicks Consulting

(P) 702-789-8300

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