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Structuring a Facebook™ Ad In 7 Simple Steps

Structuring a Facebook™ Ad In 7 Simple Steps

How many times have you seen an ad for a "Simple Facebook™ Ad Formula" and it either be more complicated than calculus?

Yeah. We know what's it's like to come across something just like it and it sound amazing; the answer to all our problems...only to find out it doesn't work for your industry or type of business model. 

All that time and energy. Wasted. :-/

Well, in our latest case study we were able to generate leads for a client of ours at about $1.01 per lead in less than 11 hours after launching the ad - following this exact 7 step process I lay out for you below.

The Project:

We were building a sales process for our client to pre-sell event tickets. The event is taking place in a few months and we start out the sales process with a free valuable giveaway and offer up-sells within the process. Plus, we added a dynamic follow up to catch any backend sales.

This is going to be used for future events as well, should this go well. The liquidator offer we are using is a presell for his book that's being launched in March.

We have multiple angles inside the follow up process to entice the prospect to make a purchase and register for the upcoming event.  

Beginning Results:

In the beginning stages of this campaign we were getting leads for as low as $1.01. (see image below)

7 Days In:

...After it cooled off a little, we're averaging $1.66 per lead.

We're still tracking the buyers and event tickets being sold. The true and entire case study will be complete on March 3rd. 

The question then becomes...

How do you create the best ad possible in the shortest amount of time?

The Process to Architecting Facebook Ads™ That Produce

I'll get to that in just one second...but if you're thinking about how to write the perfect ad copy, craft the winning headline, find the perfect image...etc.

...you're going to drive yourself crazy.

There is no "perfect headline" - hell...there's no such thing as a perfect ad. Don't let the agencies lie to you.

However, there are steps to follow and proven methods to learn in order to make the winning ad easier to attain. Within each ad there are several elements that need to work together in order for the ad to perform at it's peak.

As an example, there's the ad copy, the ad image, the ad headline, the ad description, the ad targeting and that's not all of the elements.

...but when you have the process down, it does become simple and less stressful. 

The first step is to watch this video below to learn the exact 7 steps we use when structuring an ad on Facebook for a client. It's 9 minutes and filled with value.

I made this training before I created the ad, this way I could see if the steps would really work...and now, you can use them to improve your results and cut the time you're spending on creating ads in half while doubling or even 10Xing sales. 

For more insight and to get the full visual - Check out the ad here: https://www.facebook.com/212517409094662/posts/391644697848598


When building a marketing and sales funnel, there's a few things to keep in mind. Most of which I cover in the video above. I do encourage you to implement each step of the process, because having an organized process that can yield results - is the best way to scale any business.

  1.  Understand your target market and their interests.
  2.  Identify that market's major pain points and solve it for them in advance for free. (Use that as the giveaway or irresistible intriguing offer).

    Think about all the problems your market is facing and how can you solve them. You must have a skill set - especially if you're reading this blog. 

    What problems are those skill sets solving for others? Create a few valuable giveaways, run some ads (following the steps in the video), build a follow up campaign...and BOOM! 
  3. Create a winning headline following the formula from the video. There are what we call - "winning headlines" and "not so winning headlines". After testing several hundreds if not a couple thousand over the last 12 months, plus with what Adespresso has said about winning headlines, we can feel confident that the shorter the better. 

    The best performing ads according to Adespresso (they audited over 50,000 accounts) had headlines of only 5 words long. They were all brief. Concise. When it comes to headlines - keep it short. 
  4. Create a "hook" following the formula in the video. There are six top ways to create a hook that'll get people to "lean in" and read the ad copy and improving the likelihood of a click-through to your offer. Plus this will ultimately lower your cost-per-lead. 
  5. Create or outsource the "perfect image". Think about the hook you've created, and what can make that image even more eye catching. Add some video testing in there, and you'll be off to the races! You always want to be testing.

    As for the image, make sure it's formatted for Facebook and that there is not a lot of text on the image or it will get denied.
  6. A benefits driven description. Think about all the benefits from your giveaway/product or service. Have one CTA in the description but base it on benefits. You'll get to review it on Facebook, so make sure it sounds fluent - you don't want the reader to be interrupted. 
  7. Strong Call To Action. This is where the Facebook CTA button comes into place. We used to be able to get away without a button and use the display URL as a CTA.

    They've changed that feature and now Facebook does not allow anything in the display URL field other than a link that leads to the same place as the destination URL. 

So, there you have it.

A lot to cover in a short amount of time, but I promise if you do what I share in this video, you'll see a simplified version of creating ads that bring in a profit. 

I guarantee that when you can gain clarity in your offer and understand who your true market is, plus how to speak to them directly - you'll make way more money. Then, imagine knowing where they are in the buying process, and offering them what they...want when they actually want it!

I've tested these strategies, the processes and I've tracked our results for you to see that they actually work.

Go ahead, test 'em out and share with me how it worked out. 

Brandon Northwick
Owner, Northwicks Consulting, LLC

(P) 702-789-8300

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