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3 Vices That Are Killing Your Sales Process

3 Vices That Are Killing Your Sales Process

How often have you heard, "it's all about getting people in the front door?"

As true as that statement may be, your success as a business owner depends on far more than that. In my professional experience, I've noticed that all businesses that struggle with success all struggle with success killers - or 'vices'. 

In fact, every sales process I've ever combed through had, at the least, three common vices that kept their bottom lines from reflecting positive growth every month.

The vices are never blatantly obvious. In fact, the majority of business owners aren't even aware what's happening at first, because they were so focused on..."just getting people through the front door". 

In today's article, it's my intention to help you walk away with:

  • the ability to take a third-party perspective to your sales process
  • the clarity to determine which vice may be plaguing your bottom line
  • what you can do to nip your vice(s) in the bud!

To have a successful sales process and truly make it BIG in your industry (and by big, I mean "Jordan Belfort, The Wolf of Wall Street" big - minus the R-rated insanity, of course), you've got to be able to spot potential gaps that could cause your revenue to flatline.

Let's take a look at the three common vices and what we can do together to weed them out of your business...

Okay, so you're getting people in the front door but nobody is buying...  

I bet you're wondering "WTF", right?

...and rightly so.

You have a sales process in place.

By all accounts, it should be working right. After all, that's what it's supposed to do but something just isn't adding up. Well, chances are it's because you're suffering from:


First off all, let's address hype, itself. 

Many entrepreneurs and businesses are led to believe that sales is all about the hype - the extravagant promotion. It's why they'll resort to all kinds of crazy tactics. 

Typical hype looks a bit like this - 

"How I went from living penniless in the basement of an abandoned building, to scoring over $1.6 MILLION in profits...simply by investing $25.99 into this one, simple business system!"
"This webinar is in SUCH HIGH DEMAND that only 10 people can actually come! Don't be the one left out!"
"QUICK! There's only a limited number of 972 seats to this workshop where you'll discover the ONE, TRUE SECRET to building wealth like JD Rockefeller!"

Excuse me while I step back 10 paces to escape the smell of bull💩..

Look, don't get me wrong. There's nothing legally or even ethically wrong with adding a bit of flare to your marketing - a bit of color goes a long way. 

But the truth is; your sales process has nothing to do with the hype of getting people through the front door. Obviously getting people to the front door is good, but it's more than that.

It's about giving people an experience and allowing them to see value. Real, honest-to-God-you-can-take-this-and-get-some-type-of-result-now value way before they ever pull out their wallet.

So, what's a sure-fire way you can crush the vice of hype? Simple. GET OVER IT!

And by 'get over it' what I mean is let go of the result and attach yourself to giving, instead. 

By detaching yourself from the intended result and adopt what we call "the giving mentality", you'll not only see an increase in your daily engagement from your marketplace; more importantly, you'll start seeing long-term increases in the amount of people who purchase from you, people who become raving fans, and people who become repeat clients also!


When you're looking to improve sales, it's easier to sell to people who are actually looking to buy.

The quality of traffic you attract will either make your job extremely easy or extremely difficult. 

Imagine trying to sell a 24-oz gorgeously-marbled Ribeye steak to a vegetarian.

How well do you think that's going to work out?

The sad fact is most business owners are doing exactly that. They don't pay attention to the wants-and-needs of their market and because of that, they fail to do two thing:

  1. The fail to authentically connect with their intended customers. 
  2. They fail to breakthrough to their next level.
I say it’s time to take out the trash and focus only on the top 20% of your market!
— Brandon Northwick

Now, to be fair: I don't literally mean to throw away 80% of your market - that's ridiculous!

When you fall victim to the vice of not taking out the trash, all that means is you're wasting time and resources speaking the same ol' same ol' to everyone, and you end up stinking up your advertising messages. 

Instead, by focusing on the top 20% of your market, you're focusing on the portion of your market that will happily pay premium prices for a product or service, because they understand that more often than not - you get the quality of what you pay for. 


How you speak to someone in the bottom 80% of your market is WILDLY different than how you would speak to someone in your top 20%.

In order to have a sexy-lookin' bottom line, that requires sales. In order to get the sales, you need a sales process that speaks the right language to the right portions of your market, with where they're at in the buying process. 

While that may sound like a lot of work, I can guarantee you that the quality of results you begin attracting - i.e.: your top 20% - will make your life far easier and far more rewarding because the time needed to service your clients dramatically decreases. 

Why? Because of the mentality your clients have and the actions they take.

In short, avoid the vice of not taking out the trash by cleaning up your marketing messages & language to uniquely tailor each portion of your market. 

Basing it on where they're at in the buying or pre-buying process, where they're at mentally and ultimately how close they are to actually wanting to take action in order to solve their problem.


If you're the type of business person that says, "I don't sell things", or "I'm not in sales - I build relationships" - you're going to lose every time.

Sales is not only a science; it’s an art form.
— Grant Cardone

Think about this:

How can I build a relationship if I don't give value upfront? 


At some point you realized that this person needed to add some form of value to your life in order to make that relationship work - am I right? That person had to, undoubtedly, think the same about you.

Without value (upfront) and benefits added to both parties, you will never be able to start a relationship with any client or potential client. 

3 Ridiculously Simple Ways To Add Upfront Value: 

  1. ACTIVE LISTENING - you ask questions relative to the actual conversation.
  2. TRANSPARENCY - you give all you have, simply because it helps the other person.
  3. MAKE IT THEIR IDEA - you collaborate with them to frame an idea (even a sale) as their own, unique thought.

Having a sales pitch and pitching with actually pitching are two wildly different ballgames. One requires a lot of work, talking to countless 'dead' leads and doing your absolute best to sweet talk them into the deal. 

The other comes natural - almost fluidly - and with little to practically zero pushing required.

When you're closing the sale through collaboration, there is no typical 'sales pitch'.

When you have the right mindset, you cut the hype and you spend your valuable time talking only to quality, qualified leads...the close comes with ease.

Having the Collaborative Close in your arsenal is the most effective way to improve your sales process.

Collaboratively closing someone is simply making the ideas about how a person could get from Point A to Point B their own by asking questions. After which, adding "do you think..." or "what would happen if..." or "how about if you added..." type of statements at the end of your conversation all add up to ammo you can use to effortlessly close someone - all without ever having to pitch them a thing!

At the end of your conversation, you repeat the numbers they gave you and ask if they'd like any help putting the plan together...that's it. 


Potential Client: I want to improve my sales process and double my revenue.

You: Sounds good. What if we added a one-click upsell to your process - do you think that would help improve sales and recoup costs?

Potential Client: Yes. Absolutely.

You: OK. How many people do you think would take you up on that offer if we ran targeted traffic to it? 

Potential Client: I imagine we could get 2% of those people to purchase. 

You: Great. (write down the amount of revenue that would produce - use during close.) What would happen if we focused on the one product/service you offer that made you over 80% of your income?

Potential Client: That would help me a lot with my marketing; the time I put in each day; it would probably save money each month and free up some of my time. 

You: Perfect. How much do you think that would save you each month? Of course, that's not forgetting the increase in profit with more sales coming in from your main product. 
(write down the answer and use during the close.)

I could go on for awhile here, but I think you get the point.

Now, we come to the part where you actually close them...

Make sure at the end you mention all the information you've written down during the conversation. It would sound something like this:

"So, it sounds like if we added the one-click upsell, transferred focus to the one main product that you'd be able to earn an extra $5,000 each month and save close to 10 hours per week. Do I have that right?"

They're going to say "YES", if you took great notes. 

Then you just ask them if they want help implementing the plan "they" created. 

That's right. I simply ask them if they want help implementing the entire plan.

If they say no, that's ok - and some will. However, if you have quality people you're talking with, a majority of them will say yes and come on board.

At this point, you must have to know how to overcome objections and concerns. It's only natural that people will have concerns moving forward (even after they said they wanted help, they'll still need to approve the price you're asking).

Be sure to share your guarantee and address any concerns they have so they can feel 100% confident they are getting what they are paying for.

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You came here because you wanted to learn what you could do to improve your sales process. If you follow and implement these 3 steps into your business immediately, you will see improved results. More importantly, improved revenue!


  • it's not just about getting people to your front door - it's about giving a valuable experience that, little by little, proves what you say actually gets results.
  • stop trashing out your marketing messages - the top 20% of your market does not want to be spoken to like they're the bottom 80% who aren't prepared to invest the money for a premium service. Same with your 80% - they're not prepared to be spoken to as though they're your top 20%. Clean up your marketing messages to uniquely tailor the messages to suit your market's needs.
  • don't push your pitch - showcase your ability to collaboratively close your clients into your product or service without making it feel as though they've been pushed into a purchase. Trust me; they'll thank you for it.

As you can see, if you're currently focused on bringing people in the front door; you're not learning the most effective ways to close those that walk through - your efforts are wasted! 

Instead, take these steps to shape up your sales process and be sure to share with us how it positively affected your results. 

And hey, if you want to get the perfect sales and marketing strategy for your specific type of business, let's get together for 75 minutes (totally free of charge) and I'll break down and share everything you need to attract quality clients, along with the perfect sales process to follow so you NEVER leave any money on the table. 

Just take a few seconds to fill out this quick form here, and we'll be in touch to confirm your details shortly.

Brandon Northwick
Owner, Northwicks Consulting, LLC

(P): 702-789-8300


How to Close More Sales: Top 5 Closes That Have Netted Us Over $30,000

How to Close More Sales: Top 5 Closes That Have Netted Us Over $30,000

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