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The #1 Myth to Building a Lasting Business, Busted WIDE Open!

The #1 Myth to Building a Lasting Business, Busted WIDE Open!

How many times have you heard people say, "You can build you business without ever selling a thing"? 

I've heard some crazy things over the last 12 months about business and sales...and in today's episode I not only address this, but I also BUST the #1 myth about growing a lasting business.

The video below is only about 9-minutes long, but I go into detail about:

  • the absolute nonsense that's being taught to business owners + entrepreneurs
  • the disservice this terrible advice costs you in the long run
  • more importantly, how to actually build a long-lasting business

Oh, and I also share an inside scoop to our approach to building our consulting business...

...and how to do it without sounding 'salesy', either!

[Episode 27] Business For Breakfast Show

Pretty insane stuff, isn't it? 

If you've been hearing a lot of the same b.s. and you want to learn how you can actually sell stuff without sounding 'salesy' (i.e. - selling without selling); then simply CLICK HERE to complete a quick qualification form.

If selected, you and I will meet for 75 minutes where I'll provide you a fresh, third-party perspective to your current sales process and I'll even build with you a solid, actionable plan to help you reach the next level for absolutely free. Yep, 100% complementary and chalk full of 'the real deal' value.

Ok, well that's it for today. :-) 

Living to Serve,
Brandon Northwick

P.S. - I'd love to hear your opinion, so be sure to share it in the comments below and if you know someone who would enjoy today's message, we encourage you to give it a quick share.

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