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Giveaways With The Best ROI (It's Probably Not What You Think)

Giveaways With The Best ROI (It's Probably Not What You Think)

How am I supposed to know what type of giveaway will actually convert?

This a question we get daily, and today I want to cover the giveaway grid. This is where we discover what's the most desired giveaways are that you can create to generate quality leads.

How important is lead generation for a business?

It's the lifeline of any business...

Well, if that's the case, "how do I generate the leads I need to reach the income I want?" 

That all starts with the right type of traffic (eyeballs), which comes from understanding that your target market has a specific problem and you're core offer will provide the solution.

The question then becomes, "How do you get more people to opt in and see your core offer?"

You'll want to give them what they want, not what you like most. That's where this giveaway guide comes in.

Here's a breakdown of the different types of lead magnets and which ones work the best...

Giveaway #1: The E-book

A lot of the time people will provide an ebook saying, "here's an Ebook to discover five ways to "X" without "Y".

Have you see these?

Over the last 5 years or so the "ebook" has been watered down. People started to really abuse it and started to sell them before they were complete, or filled with nonsense; which led to a negative emotion being attached to a FREE E-book.

They really are easy to consume, but they're just not desired.

In essence...E-books are really just...crap.

We want to be able to move away from the E-books, but what else is there? 

Giveaway #2: The Sales Call (Free Consultation or Personal Meeting)

This, unlike the ebook is hard to consume, but both of them of have a very low desire.

To be 100% honest...the sales call is a trap. It's literally a trap because you're going to end up investing so much money into the advertisings, the social media campaigns and it's going to end up not working because of the fact that it's very hard to consume with a very low desirability factor.

We've tested this and it is 100% true. 

When you're marketing the sales calls upfront it won't work like it should. You must put that offer into a back end of the sequence, and something that your "warm market" will be exposed to only. 

We want it to where after you're leads already made a few smaller decisions (micro commitments), and they've grown to know us, trust us and listen to us, then we ask them to hop on a sales call.

Think about it...

if we're just asking strangers off the street, walking up to them personally and saying, "hey, you don't know us, you've never seen our business before, but can you spend 75 minutes with me, I'd love to share how I can help you."

Now some people will say yes, but it's a very low conversion. I'm not saying zero conversions, just very low conversions.

When we were promoting our sales consultation call upfront, we were converting about eight percent. It wasn't a return that we would like because it was a lot of time invested and then what happened is a lot of the unqualified people were coming through interested in working with us.

Which is not ideal for any business owner.

And there was only about ten percent of those eight percent that actually were qualified. So the sales calls just aren't the best. You can actually qualify the leads based off of actions that they take in your follow up and by giving them surveys and things like that throughout your funnel/follow up process.

That way you can then segment each lead and deliver certain products/services to the people who are ready for your personal one-on-one.

A sales call is not going to be what we want to start with, it's what we we want to end with. 

Remember, it's a trap.

Giveaway #3: The Webinar / 4 PT Video Series

Next we have the webinar and the four part video series.

This is what we call the "GAP"

What we're looking at is from the time that people sign up to the time that people actually make a buying decision, you'll find a large gap there. When putting together a 4 part video series you're looking at typically four days before the pitch happens.

A webinar, if it's an evergreen webinar, you're looking at typically the next day or maybe even three days out. And for any live webinar you're looking at anywhere up to a week or two weeks out.

So, when you're creating this, understand that there's a gap there.

This is high quality, but it's very hard to consume. PLUS, there's a gap there. This is still the second best option though...

Webinars are great. I love webinars.

We've got a fantastic structure that I'm gonna be breaking down for you guys inside future articles and you're going to learn some great ways to be able to make some serious money on your webinars, because they work.

However, they're hard to consume - so we've must find an even better way.

Another problem with the four part video series is it can take close to a couple hours to record the video series, about two hours three hours to come up with content, three four hours to edit it...I mean you're looking at a lot of time to create this.

And then you have the webinar. Here you're looking at about 15 hours of content research, creating the slides, making the videos, doing the follow up....it's a lot of work.  

So what could be easier to consume, highly desirable and simple to create?

Giveaway #4: The PDF, Checklist, Guide, Challenge

The PDF is done in a snap.

We can get these things going very quick. Side note: we've actually had PDFs that were not even completed before we marketed them.

The information was there, but it wasn't all prettied up. We wanted to test some things first to see if it would actually convert before put that much time into it.

When you have a concept, when you have an idea and you can turn that into a PDF, a checklist, a journey, a guide or something that can actually give somebody results really quick and it's a very low commitment on their part. (great for cold traffic)

There's no pressure, it's just give me your name and email and you're gonna get this quick download. Then when they get that download...boom! Now they've taken them one step closer.

You've moved that needle.

When you get them to move that needle again by giving them some more information on the sales page or on the thank you page, whatever it is, we want to be able to sell them on some more information/better results and then give a strong call to action.

Now that PDF + sales page is allowing you to liquidate those leads by informing them on what benefits their next move is. It might be to buy a product, it might be make a phone call, whatever it is, you educate them a little bit more about what that PDF is all about and give them the strong Call-To-action.

Essentially, when you do this you're able to make money off every free PDF that actually you give away. Since we know that about 50-60% of the people who opt in actually go back to get the download, we want the best opportunity to get them engaged and ready to take action.

Only 50%-60%, really? ... REALLY! 

People - whether they're giving fake emails, or whether the download just get lost in the shuffle, either way 100% of the people - are not going back.

This is why we need to liquidate each lead while they're on the sales page.

We need to make sure that they see every opportunity to better their business or situation and then get them to make a decision that will ultimately help them. 

This grid is huge for you to remember when creating your lead generation marketing funnels. 

Quick Recap:

  • Ebook's are crap. Do not do that.
  • The sales call, that's a trap. Stay away from that, as far as leading with it.
  • The webinar four part series, there's a gap there. Marketed to warm traffic is always best.
  • The PDF, which is a snap. Get the PDFs done.

Plan of action: Get ten PDF's created over the next say 30 days. Then over the next 30 days, start testing them.

Start running ads to each of them and putting them out on social media, because the next thing you know you're gonna be able to see which one or two of those ten did the best. Then you just put some more money into the one outperforming them all, knowing that you've got solid lead flow now.

Now you'll have one of your pipelines completed.

You start to put five, ten bucks a day from Facebook ads into there. Then, you start to work on your back end, and then next thing you know you're making sales.

This is how you start off fast...

The PDFs are going to be the best way to bring in quality leads. Also, they don't have to be labeled a PDF. You can label it a guide, a checklist, a case study, there's so many different ways.

Hint: The checklists actually work very well.

If you'd like to see how to create winning headline and lead pages so your giveaways convert, I'm setting aside some time each week to meet with a few business owners and show them how to create the giveaways, create the lead generation funnels and the follow up. 

If you'd be interested in saving a spot, you can claim it here. 

There's no obligation, and it's not a sales pitch in disguise. You also get to keep the recording, the action steps and the blueprint so you can get moving fast. 

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