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Why Local Businesses Are Drowning In Today's World Of Marketing

Why Local Businesses Are Drowning In Today's World Of Marketing

You ever feel as a business owner that you wish someone would just throw you a life vest? 

One of the advantages to having a business that can attract and serve customers from all over the world is the amount of people you have access to. However, when you're growing your local business, you only have what we call "a captive market."

There are only people within 15-30 miles (depending on what location you're in) that will come to your store or business...everything outside of that would just be a "waste of time" according to them.

So, how do you capitalize on your captive market and stand out from the rest?

I'll first share about the method, then I'll give practical application steps. 

The VPC Method: How to increase local business with high authority

It doesn't matter if your business is selling goods, services, tangibles or intangibles...you have to provide your market with value. 

I see it all the time...business owners thinking that they don't have to create and distribute content because, "my audience doesn't care about that,"

How foolish does that sound?

Say it out loud, "My Market doesn't care about getting more value than they pay for." Can't say it without a little grin, can ya? 

...and that's where we begin.


Start to create the content (or outsource it) that your market is already searching for. Learn to entertain them, educate them, inform them and demonstrate that you and your product or service can actually help them.

When you do this on a consistant basis, you earn the right for step 2. 


If you're sharing enough value with your market, the pitch doesn't even sound like a pitch, but more of a "hey, would you like this?"

The amazing part about this method is that you'll end up getting more and more people to ask you for your help then the other way around.

The final part of the VPC method is the...


You can have the best content and the best pitch out there, but as soon as someone comes up with an objection, you lay on the ground with your tail between your legs. If that's you, you're not going to be able to generate the necessary income you need for your business to sustain itself.

Overcoming objections is a must...and understanding the art of the close has it's advantages. I make sure to spend a lot of time with my clients and academy members sharing how to overcome these objections without being overbearing or "salesy". 

Now that you have the VPC method, and you know what you can do to attract more local business, let's get into the "how-to".

#1. Know your offer (and it must be irresistible, and intriguing)  Often times business owners don't take the time to think what they can add to the offer to make it an easy decision for their customer or prospect. I'll share something with you...it's usually something you already do but it's not highlighted so it gets overlooked by your customers and they go search elsewhere.

***Do you have up-sells, down-sells, cross sells to increase the value of each customer?***

#2. Starting with cold traffic you'll want to create valuable giveaways. (ex #1: if you own a restaurant you can offer "chefs recommendations" and when they optin you can offer to make it for them when they come into your restaurant) (ex #2: if you own a gym, create a checklist of the top 10 exercises to build mass, or cut fat)

#3. Have your marketing funnels all set up

There are 4 types of marketing funnels you'll need to have set up for you optimize the time and money invested into growing your business.

Without these marketing funnels, you'll be relying on a lot of other people to do the work for you. You could be spending $60,000 for one employee when the marketing funnels can do the exact work for less than 10% of that cost.

These funnels will be used to grow your leads base, increase sales and improve your all around brand awareness. 

#4. Follow up campaign

After you start to collect the leads, what do you do with them? 

First, you set up a behaviorally dynamic follow up campaign. All that means is you're going to only deliver emails and follow up with people who actually to be followed up with. (see image below) 

Follow up

Each sequence should be specific for someone who has or has not taken the action you'd like them to take. 

Doing this allows you to remain relevant to them, and when you become irrelevant...you become obsolete.

#5 Have your re-targeting campaign set up

Make sure you have your Facebook and Google Pixels installed on your website. This will allow you to build a custom audience that Facebook and Google will allow to to "re-market" to. Without these little tiny pixel codes, you won't have the opportunity to re-market to those visitors.

Installing a pixel code is very easy to do, and should be done before any traffic is sent to your site. Not only can you retarget your page visitors, but you can retarget your leads as well. Uploading them to Facebook and creating "custom audiences" is a great way to cut costs on future promotions.

Think about it like this...

If someone visits your page, most likely it wasn't an accident. When you have your pixels installed, you can create a similar giveaway. So, instead of offering another PDF to the same group that passed on your initial giveaway - you might want to offer a checklist or a guide. 

As you can see it's the same valuable giveaway, but this time you're packaging it a little different. Some people won't like PDF's, others won't like checklist and some won't like any of them. The point of retargeting is to stay in front of your market sharing value, even if they never opted in.

But, they did click because they were curious enough to see what you're offering.

So we know they have a problem...we just have to share the right message with them at the right time. The best way to do that is to have multiple retargeting campaigns set up for you in advance.

As a local business owner it's time for you to use a more predictable way of growth, instead of relying on flyers, cardboard sign flippers or word of mouth for all your new business.


1. Follow the VPC method to increase authority, trust and long term customers. 

2. Create irresistible intriguing offers

3. Create valuable giveaways to educate about importance of offers

3. Create marekting funnels for more predictable income

4. Create 30-60-90 day promotions so you never guess where your next customer is coming from

5. Architect Dynamic Follow Up to remain relevant in the eyes of your market. 

We know first hand this can be tough, and that's why we offer a completely free 75 minute consultation where I'll help design, architect and execute your next marketing campaign for FREE.

No, it's not a sales pitch in disguise and you'll get everything you need to future proof your business following our meeting. You'll get the recording, the blueprint and the action steps.  

If you'd like to see how we're helping local restaurants, gyms and other local businesses grow (predictably) each month for FREE. You can start the process here.  

I promise you're going to absolutely love it. If you don't, just let me know at the end of our meeting and I'll send you $100 as an apology for wasting your time. :-) 

So you see...there really is nothing to lose. 

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