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7 Major Takeaways From 2017

7 Major Takeaways From 2017

What an incredible way to start the NEW YEAR!

A quote I always loved was "insight + reflection = experience". When you look back over 2017, what do you see? What can you have done better? What was the most exciting part?

Below you'll find my 7 big takeaways from 2017 and I believe of you go through them, you'll find some little nuggets to make 2018 the best year ever!

Here are 7 Most Impactful Takeaways From 2017:

➡️ 1. Clarity: Learning we don't "have" clarity we generate it. It's not something we can wait for, like an inspirational moment or something that will just flash by us on accident...

it must be formed with purpose.

Clarity means knowing who you are, who you want to become and how you're going to get there. The clearer you are, you better you'll perform.

➡️ 2. Commitment: Having the right people around you that are as committed as you are to fulfilling your mission, is a must.

Plus, personal commitments to other life goals that can lead to better business performance are necessities as well. Without #1 (clarity) - it's almost impossible to know what those personal commitments would be. (e.g. volunteering more, traveling more, more family time, etc)

➡️ 3. Change: Being open to new ideas without bias, new approaches, new relationships and new adventures.

We've changed up quite a few things over the last few years and if we hadn't...we wouldn't be in business today. Pivoting is key. Not just knowing when to pivot (AKA change), but actually doing it in spite of others who are going a different direction.

➡️ 4. Capabilities: Having a mentor in your corner to show you what's working, how to overcome specific obstacles holding your business back and learning new ways to communicate your process to others, will heighten your ability to serve your market.

Without my mentors, I wouldn't have been able to get the results we've seen over the last 12 months. We've grown to having people in over 10 countries watch my training and be a part of the academy.

We've partnered with Colleges and have our training being served as credits to students right here in Texas.

We've worked with over 40 companies, and helped generate hundreds of thousands of dollars in additional revenue over the last 12 months. My mentors were a big part in that happening.

➡️ 5. Balance: Understanding there is NO such thing as a work/life balance when it comes to building your own business. We have 3 kids and we're working on building an empire, so our family and friends understand we're sacrificing time now to have more time later.

If they don't get it, that's okay...you just stay focused because there will never be a perfect formula for "family time VS business".

Some weeks it's 50-50, and others it's heavily favored to one side. Just depends on what we're working on and who we're working with.

➡️ 6. Don't Be An Ignoramus: We've ignored plenty of the signs (aka red flags) in the past year from clients who we know would be hard to work with, but thought...

"but they're good people."

Turned out they were good people, just terrible clients. Don't ignore the red flags and always maintain posture and integrity when bringing on new customers and clients. You'll be more in control of your time and only work with people you actually get along with.

➡️ 7. There's Currency In Transparency: Now-a-days people want to know everything about everything.

  • How'd specifically did you get those results?
  • Are those results real?
  • Can you show a screen shot?
  • Can you do a LIVE video sharing?

That's why I'm a BIG believer of sharing it all. Yeah, everything. The how, what, where, when why...it's all open to those who check me out anywhere online.

If you follow me or have for any amount of time, you'll see I always leave it all on the table. There's no reason for me to hide or keep anything from you.

Why? because I really do want you to succeed, without or without us working together. Plus, I know so many people who watch training, after training, after training...

and do absolutely nothing with the information.

Which is why if you're "hiding and keeping" things from your market in 2018, they'll figure it out and you'll be losing out on what could be some serious business.

Looking forward to 2018 and makin' it the best year yet! 

P.S. What'd you think of my list? 🤔
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