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What Are Facebook Messenger Bots?

What Are Facebook Messenger Bots?

The idea of sending automated messages to people on Facebook came together a little over a year and a half ago, and I'm sure you've seen at least one bot in that time frame - but did you have the best experience? 

In the begining, it was like the wild wild west. No rules, no consequences. People sending out garbage (aka no value) because how cheap the subscribers would be acquired for.

Now, today... it's a little different. You have to have a purpose and something of value to get the same type of results people were getting when the bots first got rolled out.

If we wanted to make it as simple as possible we can break the bot down into a few parts. To be specific, there are three things that make a messenger bot successful. 

Part 1: The Recon


When doing recon on a what market you want to target, you have to think about a few things. Mainly, what offer you want to use and the bait that'll get your potential subscribers to take action.

Once you have that (clearly) defined, you can move onto the next step.

Part 2: The Set Up

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There is a lot of technical set up when it comes to your new messenger bot. For example, if you don't check one box, or you don't add a specific tag, the entire campaign can go down the toilet. 

Paying attention to detail and planning before you ever create it is the best way. To see how we handle our recon, watch the quick video here. 

Part 3: The Follow Through


If you're thinking that you're going to make a sale the very first time they subscribe, you're going to be very disappointed. 85% of your sales will come form people who have been on your list for 90 days to 2 years. 

So, how do you create enough content and offers that will keep them engaged and still want to do business with you in the future? 

The best way we've found is to follow the VPC method.

V = Value

P = Pitch

C = Close

If you create your follow up to consistently deliver value, you craft a nice pitch that solves a direct problem, and you know how to overcome objections so you can close more of your clients and customers, you're going to have the winning formula. 

To see what the VPC method is all about, watch the quick video here

The hard part is setting up your bots and making sure they're performing at their best. If you'd like some help with that, check out my online Do Whatever It Takes Academy so you can set your bot up without any guessing or questioning if it's going to work. 

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