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How To Successfully Use Retargeting In Your Marketing

How To Successfully Use Retargeting In Your Marketing

Did you know that nobody has ever purchased a product or service because they were followed around on the internet? 

The decision to buy always comes down to the value you provide. 

Well...how the heck do you know what's valuable and what's not? (am I right?)

It all comes down to knowing these three things:

1. The problems your market is facing (today).
2. The solutions you can provide to help solve those problems.
3. Your ability to follow up with new offers so you can stay relevant to their ever changing need. 

Sounds a little too simple, doesn't it?

Not to water down the process (because it is pretty technical) but it is simple, and here's how you can start to create the value and leverage successful retargeting campaigns in your business.

Situations + Solutions

As you develop your products or services, you'll always come to the realization that you created something something for a specific reason. But what usually happens along the way is we (entrepreneurs) tend to believe that our product or service is actually for everyone. 

The moment you start to believe that fallacy, your results will ultimately suffer. Now, I don't say that to scare you... I say that to help prepare you. 

You can follow this simple exercise to help you better prepare for how to approach your market, craft your message and sell more - more often. 

Creating Your Ad Campaign Message

Setting up your actual campaign can seem tricky and overwhelming to almost anyone who has never done one before. If you've been running your own, but the results aren't what was expected, then usually it's the message you're using to attract your ideal customer. 

Focusing on the problem is the first step, but having different angles to use in your ad campaign will only give you a better chance at holding their focus so you can demonstrate how your product or service can actually help them. 

Get the Different Attention Grabbing Angles here, so you can see the top 15 angles you can use in your new advertising campaigns. 

Creating Your Retargeting Campaigns

Once you have your initial campaign set up, now it's time to put them into different "buckets". A bucket is just another term for having a segmented audience. These segmented audiences will help you stay more relavent because you know that everyone in that bucket has taken a specific action. 

Knowing that, gives you an advantage. Let's say you have a bucket of people who have signed up for a free giveaway... so now you have them on your list. You can create your first bucket of people who have opted in but have not purchased from you yet.

You can also start to build up a higher relevance by creating "custom audiences" who have engaged with your page, watched a certain length of your videos or engaged with a specific ad campaign - and you can do this with Facebook™, Google™, Instagram™, and Youtube™.

Watch this video here walking you through how to set up your retargeting pixels and custom audiences. 

Creating Your Follow Up Campaigns

This is a step that would actually be built out before anything else, because you always want to reverse engineer your process and work your way from the end tot he beginning. The actual follow up will need to have what we call contingencies - making it behaviorally dynamic. Meaning, that if someone  does something, something else happens because the action they took. 

When you match your behaviorally dynamic follow up with retargeting and you lead with value... your chances of keeping your markets focus, attention and building the much needed trust skyrockets!

You can check out how to start your behaviorally dynamic follow up, here. 

So what's next?

If you're ready to begin creating your own retargeting campaigns in a way that sets you a part, and brings a ton of value to your market, then I'd love to help. 

You can create a free account into my Do Whatever It Takes Academy (the ONLY 100% Interactive Sales + Marketing Training Platform In The World) and schedule your first meeting with me personally.

You'll gain access to all the training, private meetings and all the support from myself and my staff. Plus, there's no obligation to continue after your 7 day trial... but I do guarantee you'll find something in there to help facilitate your breakthrough moment. 

So don't go at this alone. If you like what I shared today, then give a try for one week and if you don't like what's inside - just email us and we'll cancel your account no questions asked. 

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