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Your Perfect SP (Sales Process From Start To Finish)

Your Perfect SP (Sales Process From Start To Finish)

Do you have a process for making money?

Right about now, you're likely throwing up your eyebrows and huffing, "obviously" under your breath. 🙄

And hey, I get it. You're running a company so logically, yes – you would think that you'd have a process for making money.

Our company has currently worked with over 45 different companies, in 15 different industries, and yet not a single one had a sales process that effectively allowed them to make money.

if you've found yourself on this article, it's likely you've questioned your own sales process.

So, throughout this conversation, I'll be breaking down the sales process, from start to finish so that you can walk away and immediately assess if your process needs tweaking, or a complete overhaul. 



When it comes to the ideal, most effective process for making money in your business, it should be:

  • Simple, Honest

  • Short

  • Duplicatable

  • Able to fit all personality types

  • Able to fit all scenarios

The perfects sales process from start to finish will ultimately look like this:

  1. GREET - "Hey, my name's Sara," 
  2. INTENTION - "It's my intention to get two minutes of your time,"
  3. QUALIFY - "What's the biggest headache - the #1 problem you're working to solve? Are you the decision maker, or is there anyone else you'd like involved?"
  4. PRESENT – "If I could solve your follow up problem, would you be interested in moving forward as a client?"
  5. PROPOSE - "For continued training for your employees, our sales + marketing training platform is your best option. With 20 employees for 36 months, your annual investment would be $19,392."
  6. CLOSE - "Let's get your account created. Will you be using a company Visa, Mastercard or AMEX?"

Once you've had enough practice with the complete sales process steps, you'll be able to comfortable shrink the process without breaking it. 

Ideally, you'd like to be able to combine the greeting with the intention.

Or, depending on the scenario, go straight from the greeting to the qualification. 

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