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2 Tips To Remove The A-ca-awkward From Selling & Become a Monster Sales Person (No Matter Your "Personality Type")

2 Tips To Remove The A-ca-awkward From Selling & Become a Monster Sales Person (No Matter Your "Personality Type")

Awkward. Weird. Pressure. Anxiety.

These are the four most common words I hear whenever I'm speaking with a client and we're going through what they think of when they think of having to sell. 



Some say that having the ability to sell is a natural gift. Some say it's just not "in their personality type" (ugh). 🙄

The truth is: selling is NOT a natural born gift. For anyone, ever. It's a skill. 

One that requires constant enforcement to keep the skill sharp. One that can be developed by anyone, with any personality, at any time.

But how do you keep things from being awkward or weird?

How do you remove the pressure or the anxiety around the idea of selling?

Good news for you, is that if you find yourself asking that very question, today's article has jjst what you need. 

How To Embed Monster-Like Sales Skills Into Your Everyday Personality With Ease


(aka – audit your intention, honestly)

First things first, is that if you find yourself having issues with selling or you're finding that sales situations are being way to weird, too often... 

it's time to pump the brakes and put your intention through an audit. 

Yes, like an audit from the IRS only this one actually works to your benefit. 

Here's a PSA:

your customer has a finely tuned bullshit detector, and they can smell your "special techniques", your manipulative NLP voodoo, from 10 miles away.



Your customers are acutely aware, now more than ever.

So if you're intention to is just to sell, not to serve, the Wall of Resistance is popin' up and likely staying up.

The next time you're having an interaction with a potential customer or client and you feel like things are getting a lil' weird, you're not the only one picking up that vibe. 


Take a second and check your intention. 

Because the truth is: if you understand that true selling is about service – understanding that the best way to be of service to someone is to sell them on the solution to their problem - then things are natural.

They feel natural. Your intention is coming from a good place, and customers feel that.

But! if you're intention is to make the sale because you're:

  • desperate to pocket a commission
  • late on a the last two car payments
  • trying to show off or prove you're a great salesperson
  • focused on hitting a quota
  • in it for the money and not to genuinely help people

then your intention is messed up, which is what's making your interactions awkward, forceful, pushy, and just downright gross.

And be ethical about it, too. 

If you're in the sales process with your prospect, and you discover that they don't need your product or your service...TELL THEM THAT. 

Don't be that dude who shoves a product down someone's throat when they don't need it, because they might not need your solution today, but they will tomorrow. 

Sales is simple. You solve problems. It’s not rocket science.
— Sara Northwick

Know what I'm sayin'? So, let's not be that guy.
Let's have standards.


I first learned this exercise or experiment from businessman, Andy Frisella. 

It's a stupidly simple experiment you can do to help:

  • break you out of your comfort zone
  • challenge you to genuinely connect with others
  • build up your thick skin
  • remove the "awkward" first interaction vibe from your sales game
  • help you become better at social interactions of any kind

Wanna know what it is?

The next time you're in public - doesn't matter where - and you lock eyes with someone, regardless if they "look like a nice person or a douche bag", pay them a compliment and ask them a question.


Have a random, 30-second conversation with every person you lock eyes with.

Not the people who look "safe" to talk to. Not the ones who appear to be "easy to get along with, or approachable" but every one. 

Now, I'm gonna take it one step further and challenge you to do this with every person, for the next 7 days straight. 

Because if you can do this exercise, this experiment, for 7 days straight...

...for 10 days, 21 days or even a full month straight...

not only will your sales game improve ten-fold but your general social skills will, too.

Imagine how much easier it'll be for you to walk into any room, lock eyes with anyone and know with complete confidence that, hey, you got this! 

Well, that's what this experiment will do for you.


Sales isn't rocket science. 

It's not about manipulation. Having the best, trend-setting technique or killer close.

It's about servicing, genuinely solving problems for your people and not making it all about you.

Sales does require skills – don't get me wrong. But you can have terrible skills and still make a sale when you're coming from the right place.

So if you find things getting weird, check your intention. If you feel like it's awkward for you to step out and talk to customers, go through the "Random Strangers" experiment for the full 7 days, at least. 

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