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How To Find Your Most Valuable Untapped Markets & Immediate Cash Flow Assets

How To Find Your Most Valuable Untapped Markets & Immediate Cash Flow Assets

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Relying solely on front end client acquisition is like telling your son, "Every woman who needs to be spoken to more than once - before they sleep with you - is “unqualified” to be your wife."

I’d NEVER give that advice to my son, and I have two of ‘em.

Did you know that 88% of all business owners don’t have a system to follow up with their leads and prospects easily? I gotta say, that leaves people like you and me at a considerable advantage. Just by having a basic follow up with a simple email marketing campaign, you can expect to convert a little less than 1% of your list each month.

But nowadays you can get super targeted in your follow up, and that’s what we’re going to talk about today. The ‘untapped’ markets and the immediate cash flow assets you have access to.

I feel like everyone has heard of the term “retargeting”, but if you haven’t, that just means your sending future offers on multiple channels to someone who did or did not take you up on your original offer.

What I’ve created is something a little more in depth. A little more personal, and that means… a LOT more effective!

I call it ‘nano-targeting.’

It allows you to be more in control of smaller, tighter communities that you can serve at a higher level. This approach is what direct response marketing is turning into, and this allows us to sell to our lead base over and over again without being annoying and without wasting any ad spend.

Next, I want to share with you where you can look to find your markets path to least resistance, then we’ll share how you can prepare your marketing campaigns for the next 90 days without adding any more work to your plate.


  1. UNTAPPED MARKET #1: Friends of those who like your business page on Facebook™

    Did you know that you can use your social proof of the people who "Like" your page and run ads only to those who match certain criteria and are within one degree of separation? What do you think that looks like when your ad comes across their newsfeed saying, “Your friends Susy, Jake, Leon all LIKE this page.”

    The likelihood of them reading the ad go through the roof!

  2. UNTAPPED MARKET #2: People who visited your application page, booking page, sales page, or confirmation page

    When someone visits your website or specific page within your marketing funnel, one of two things always happens: (a) they do what you want them to. Or (b) they don’t.

    When you understand that 95% of the people who interact with you for the first time won't be ready to make a decision to do business with you, you can start to adopt a methodology that delivers to them precisely what they need, when THEY need it. With our method we can set up a specific campaign for each individual behavior taken.

  3. UNTAPPED MARKET #3: People who call your store/business

    Retargeting doesn’t only happen on Facebook, Instagram, and Social Media sites. Google has the most robust retargeting capabilities, and when you match Google with Facebook, you have a monster. When running Google campaigns, you can track who’s calling you and then create new offers or reminder offers on Google’s platform to capture any, what would be lost, prospects and convert them into clients.

    Now that’s only three of the ways to create some new cash-flow from your past efforts and current audience.

    So what happens if you don’t have a market you can leverage into producing some positive cash flow and build your client base?

    That’s okay… we have our “invisible funnel”.

    This is great for the person who doesn’t care about collecting the email address up front and is willing to build tons of content - purposeful content.

    How do we get this invisible funnel built out?

    First, you have to reverse engineer your sales process. Once you have your core product and offer decided on, you can move onto identifying the solutions you provide to your markets biggest problem, right now.

    After that is understood, we move into creating the V.P.C. Launch Method so you can deliver the necessary value upfront to attract your perfect client. Next, you start crafting exactly how to build trust 5x faster in your Phase 2 buildout. Phase 2 is designed so each of your prospects can feel confident in your ability to get the job done before you ever meet.

    After Phase 2, of course, is Phase 3. Phase 3, which is a series of direct sales offers specifically solving the problem they were “virtually raising their hand” for to begin with.

I think this is a great place to end for today. I’d hate for you to leave here feeling overwhelmed. If you’d like to get the best possible strategy created for you, for free, visit wwww.toptexasconsultants.com to register and apply.

It’s not your typical call, so make sure to ready the entire letter very carefully.

I’ve been working at this for over 5 years now, invested over $100,000 of my own money into advertising and testing what works. Our V.P.C. Method is the real deal… so much so that when you follow it with our guidance, we offer 100% results guaranteed on all our services, and from what I’ve seen… that can’t be beat.

Register today at www.toptexasconsultants.com and let my team get started on creating our very own A.A.S.M. (Advanced Automated Sales + Marketing) Machines.

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