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Why Hiring a Facebook™ Ad Agency Is The Worst Thing To Do To Boost Sales

Why Hiring a Facebook™ Ad Agency Is The Worst Thing To Do To Boost Sales

Facebook™ ads have been the “go-to” for business owners to scale their existing business.

What’s unfortunately happened over the last few years is more and more people have been conditioned to believe that Facebook™ is great to increase sales even if you:

• Don't have a product that can guarantee results

• Don't have an irresistible offer

• Don't have a proven sales process

• Don't have any motivation to show up and serve your market

If you haven't found out already, that's not the case.

When you're in the position to scale, or you're searching for a way to create consistent revenue each month, let's breakdown why hiring a Facebook™ Ad Agency is the absolute worst thing you can do:


#1. Facebook Ad Agencies Focus on Facebook Metrics - Not Sales

Facebook is only one piece of one marketing platform. Wouldn't you rather have a company that specializes in sales and marketing, not just marketing, and uses all available platforms (including Facebook) to increase sales for your company?

What I'm about to share with you are the cold hard facts, and hopefully, you'll use this information to make a more informed decision when partnering with a company to help grow your business.

For starters, when you hire a Facebook Advertising agency, you're hiring someone to interpret marketing data from Facebook™ only and to create profitable strategies for scaling profitably on Facebook™.

But when it comes to creating new offers, increasing sales conversions, implementing follow up (both offline and online), becoming more efficient in your daily routine, or anything that's really tied to increasing profit margins, you're left to outsource or "fend for yourself" because that's not what you hired them to do.

Sales will always come from understanding your market, the buyer process, the customer acquisition timeline and your ability to create valuable content - and the key word there is valuable - that'll demonstrate you (or your product) are qualified for the job.

A Facebook™ ad agencies job isn't to increase sales; it's to build a lead base and create brand awareness for business owners who already know how to sell or who are set up to sell.

Unfortunately, that's not the majority of business owners.

Most business owners have no clue how to sell and need serious help. The data shows that without proper guidance, you'll end up blaming either the market, the marketing, or the marketer.

If you ever want to make marketing dollars profitable, you have to learn how to sell.


#2. Facebook Ad Agencies Aren't Going Through Training In Creating Offers

When you sign on with a typical ad agency, they focus on metrics that don't make any difference in your top or bottom line. You'll hear things like:

"You received a whole ton of engagement!"

"This post was shared over 100x!"

"Your cost-per-click is doing great!"

If that sounds familiar, I'm sure you're feeling a little frustrated right now. One of the reasons I created Northwicks Consulting, was due to the fact nobody is marrying a service that includes both sales and marketing.

You either get one or the other.

For example, if you're selling professional services, you've probably heard the "I'll get you bookings, you just close the deal."

What happens if you need help closing more deals?

I'll tell ya; you'll have to hire a "sales coach" that'll guide you to increase your sales conversions.

That's not necessary when you have a company who specializes in sales AND is efficient in using all available outlets to create profitable sales and marketing campaigns.

#3. Facebook Ad Agencies Don't Do Follow Up

Retargeting campaigns are great, but what about your email automation and other forms of follow up?

Golden Rule: The fortune is in the follow-up!

That's been the rule for hundreds of years, and I don't see it changing.

I see it becoming more important for a lasting business and if you're not aware of how to create, segment and launch new offers to your existing list/audience, your leads will die out. When that happens you won't have anything left but a database of people who have no clue who you are.

Secondly, if you're solely relying on your sales to come from the first interaction with your company, and your thought process is, "well, the lead did come from a Facebook ad that was written by a Facebook Ad Agency, so they should buy right away."

If that's you, you're going to be leaving with empty pockets and no one to blame but yourself.


#4. Facebook Ad Agencies Leave Out Google + Youtube

Those are two critical pieces of growth that are now missing when you hire a Facebook™ Ad Agency.

What are you expected to do for Google & Youtube? Hire a specialist for each of them as well?

That's not efficient, and it's not financially smart.

We create the most successful sales campaigns for our clients using our multi-channel marketing approach.

In other words, we find it highly profitable to create and promote highly valuable, ungated content on Google. Then, retarget those visitors on Facebook™, Instagram™, and Youtube™ with what we call "Trust Maximizers."

After that, we review our client's data and see which offer would be best for which "bucket" of their market.

Sounds simple enough, right? - lol

You won't get that type of service with a Facebook™ Ad Agency.

#5. 99% of Agencies Are Not Performance Based

If agencies are not performance-based, this means you have no guarantee in their results.

How secure does that make you feel?

Our clients get guarantees, upon guarantees because we want to lift the risk of doing business with us and make this a stress free experience.

I remember my first experience with an agency they said they couldn't even share the 'why' behind what they're doing.


I had another agency tell me I wouldn't be in control of the ad creatives and if we ever stopped doing business, all the ad campaigns would be theirs to keep - even though I paid for them.

I'm sure we all have stories, but that's why I created Northwicks Consulting. We marry sales and marketing, plus we offer a guarantee for qualified business owners to grow your company every 90 days.

An agency is great for when you're all set up with a winning product and offer, and all you want is to add some fuel to the fire.


In The End:

If your business isn't at a level where you can start training a marketing team and building up the sales team, then you're going to need a company who can transfer the skills to you and the new employees as your company grows.

That's where Northwicks Consulting comes in. We not only create, monitor, tweak, and scale our client's advertising campaigns. We also create new offers, craft the entire sales process, and execute the marketing strategies to a "T." Plus, train them in sales, so the marketing dollars don't go by the wayside.

If you'd like to see all the ways we can help your company grow over the next 12 months, apply for a kickoff call here.


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