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Marketing Funnel Explained: What The Hell Is It, Really?

Marketing Funnel Explained: What The Hell Is It, Really?

One hundred thousand times.

If you're in business, that's the number of times you've undoubtedly heard the term "marketing funnel". Even though you've heard the phrase and you use it in conversations with your team, do you know what a marketing funnel is? I mean, do you really?

Pundits talk about how important they are.

Gurus emphasis how vitally necessary to success these things are to a business.

So here's the deal: if you're reading this and you already have a marketing funnel going right now, that's okay. We can still clear the air (and likely confusion) around all the hoopla that surrounds this technical mystery.


Ultimately, a marketing funnel is merely a funnel, a process, a strategic set up steps that a person takes to convert. Converting can come in multiple forms, depending on your particular goal (brand awareness, lead generation, sales...).

In a marketing funnel, a person can:

  • go from unaware to aware
  • move from a prospect to a customer
  • transition from a person in your target audience to a lead
  • change from cold to warm to hot (i.e. – someone who's never heard your name, to someone who starts getting to know you/your brand, to someone who's a buyer)

Simple, right?

Let's look an everyday marketing funnel that 310 million active users go through every, single day on Amazon.com...

  1. Darren visits Amazon.com
  2. He searches for a particular product + views the product page.
  3. Darren adds the product to his cart.
  4. He orders the product and completes the checkout process.

What did Darren do?

He just completed a variation of a sales funnel (aka: purchase funnel) – a type of marketing funnel.

Speaking of 'types of marketing funnels'...

DIFFERENT TYPES OF MARKETING FUNNELS: How Many Are There, And Which Ones Does Your Business Need?

GREAT question!

In our experience, it doesn't matter if your business is a giant corporation, a startup wanting to get out of the garage and into the game or a growing enterprise looking to scale.

There are four very specific types of marketing funnels you need to stay relevant and totally omnipresent to your market.

What are they?

Press play to find out:


What's a marketing funnel, explained? 

Simply put: a process of strategic steps an ideal person takes to complete the ideal action, conversion or goal you've intended.

What are the different types of marketing funnels your business needs?

  • Content Funnel – the goal is to share the content you've created (blogs, articles, videos) to build your goodwill, trust and authority within your market.
  • Brand Awareness Funnel – the function of this funnel is to, well, build your brand. Not your email list, not your buyers list but your brand and brand equity within the market. Often includes testimonials, lifestyle images or videos, and can also include education pieces from your content funnel, as well.
  • Lead Generation Funnel – the goal is primarily to collect a list of leads. People interested in a valuable giveaway; normally offered for free in exchange for contact information.
  • Sales Funnel – you guessed it; SALES, baby! This is where your funnel is constructed with the obvious goal to have your prospect whip our their credit card to transact with you. 
    (can we say 'dolla, dolla bills y'all'?)

But explaining what a marketing funnel is and even knowing the types of marketing funnels you should have to be successful is nothing without the right methodology. 


My husband and I stumbled onto a method within our business that helped us generate our first $100,00 in contract sales for our company. 

It's also responsible for our scalable growth each year, along with the growth of each of our clients. 

Just what is THE VPC METHOD and how does it work?

Brandon breaks that down for you here. 

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