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Top 5, Obvious Yet Overlooked Tips To Make More Sales In Your Business

Top 5, Obvious Yet Overlooked Tips To Make More Sales In Your Business

If you had to, you'd likely list your relationship status with sales as "It's Complicated"...

I thought so.

D'ya know how I know that? Because that was MY relationship status with sales, for a really long time.

It was something I knew we needed for our business (obviously!) yet I struggled with actually selling. Either my voice would shake + my hands would get palmy, or I would just avoid the opportunity like the Black Plague.

If that sounds even remotely familiar and you've found yourself wondering why couldn't sales just be easier, or what could you do to make more sales for your business, like, right now then listen up!

I'm gonna be real with ya, first. I know you're looking for tips to make more sales, and yes. That's exactly what you'll get. 

BUT, not in the way you think. These tips won't be bandaids and they won't be a magic pill. So, if you can handle that...let's get started.

OBVIOUS YET OVERLOOKED: The Top 5 Tips To Make More Sales, Today!

I'd like to share an acronym with you. 

It's one I learned from my own sales mentor. And, it's an acronym that consistently work, as long as I stay consistent with it.








Like I said, these tips won't be a magic pill and they won't be a bandaid to cover the root issue.

If you're serious about learning how the A.V.T.A.R. can help you make more sales, consistently and professionally, let's take this convo to the next level. 

Because remember, the idea is to make more sales for your business by finding a bunch of different, valuable ways to – essentially – be top of mind with your prospect as often as possible. 

(just don't be creepy about it, like Benji)

Breaking Down The A.V.T.A.R.

Here's a quick, more in-depth breakdown of what the A.V.T.A.R. is, and what they mean for your business.


Your attitude can be seen in every, single aspect of your sales process. Check yo’ self! If you wanna be successful in sales, you have to be able to turn your attitude around at the snap of a finger.
— Sara Northwick

Sales is 90% mentality and 10% strategy. Too often, people focus 90% on the strategy but have a 10% attitude. In other words, it sucks!

Attitude is e-v-e-r-y-t-h-i-n-g in when it comes to sales, because it's primarily a transfer of energy, of feeling or belief.

People will pay top dollar for great attitudes faster than they will for an epic product. If you wanna make more sales? Get yourself an attitude alignment!


Sales statistics have proven that over 80% of sales are closed between the 5th and 12th follow up contact. Yet, nearly every business we work with stops trying to get a hold of their prospect after the first two phone calls or voicemail attempts.

How are you differentiating yourself to a prospect who gets over 121 emails a day, and deal with nearly 6 hours worth of distractions and interruptions every day...ON TOP OF all their personal stuff?!

You've got to be adding value to their life through your follow up. Leaving the same, ol' voicemail and shooting off the same, ol' email to "check to see if you got my messages and if you're still interested" WILL. NOT. CUT. IT.

Your job is give them the value they need to break state and cut through their distractions. If you need help with adding VAFU to your business, check out DO WHATEVER IT TAKES ACADEMY and we'll help you develop creative and persistent, value added follow up into your process.


Yes, texting! Lemme throw this at you: the average email open rate hovers around 20%, across the board. Yet, text messages score a whopping 98% open rate!

Emails have a 4% reply-average, while texts? They have a 45% reply-average.

Are you taking advantage of that opportunity to close the gap between you and your prospect? One of the reasons I love, love, love texting prospects is because it's much more intimate and (from my own experience) they're more likely to engage in a conversation with me.

And I'm not talking about mass SPAM-texting your people. I don't condone or encourage that, at all.

Even through texting, I'm still giving value. I'm still serving their needs. Connecting, show them a higher level of persistence that gives our prospects the confidence they need to move towards the sale, faster and with less objections.


Each and every interaction is the chance for you to get a referral. Whether you've closed a deal with the person you're talking to or not, always ask for a referral. Here's why:

83% of customers say they'd love to give a referral, but only 29% of customers ever do.

Why? Because no one asks them! In fact, a recent study conducted confirmed that the 29% of customers who gave referrals, were never asked to give it; they simply took it upon themselves to do it. 

That means, people who sell aren't asking for referrals or recommendations for new customers, and are missing out on 83%-worth of sales opportunities.

If you need help with refining how you go about getting referrals in a professional, non-sleazy way, you need to check out DO WHATEVER IT TAKES ACADEMY.


No matter what anyone tells you, there is no such thing as "a natural born salesperson". 

It literally doesn't exist. Sales is a skill.

Sales is a craft that requires dedication, practice and training on a consistent basis in order to be great. My husband and I role play with each other each morning. We're squeezing training in every chance we get. 

Why? Because it only takes 3 hours to get rusty, and our customers and clients deserve better than 'rusty'. Our customers, clients deserve the best.

Yours do, too.

If you or your team need help with sales or marketing training, you owe it to yourself to invest in your training and check out DO WHATEVER IT TAKES ACADEMY.


My top 5, totally obvious but overlooked tips to make more sales in your business. 

Hopefully you were able to find value, and hey! If you're interested in making more sales, consistently, you need to check out:


It's the only, 100% interactive training platform that equally bridges the gap between sales and marketing, giving you the ultimate control over your business. Perfect for entrepreneurs, small or large teams, corporations and colleges! 

Give your business the A.V.T.A.R. it needs to succeed in any market conditions.

Sign up for a free account, today.

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