To Using The V.P.C. Method

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V.P.C. Method Gives Business Owners Best Shot At Getting More Done While Doing Less

V.P.C. Method Gives Business Owners Best Shot At Getting More Done While Doing Less

Are you still in the mindset of
“doing more work = generating more revenue”?

If you are, you’re probably feeling the after effects right about now.

Something along the lines of:

  • Feeling tired… all the friggin’ time.

  • Fed up with doing “busy work” all day and still always worried about where your next client or customer is.

  • Feeling completely unorganized and waking up without a plan to execute for your own company.

Then, to top it off, at the end of the day you’re left feeling like you didn’t accomplish much, and yet you feel even more exhausted than when you began.

(I’ve been there… it’s no bueno)

That’s why over the last four years I’ve studied from some of the worlds best business developers, marketers, and sales specialists in order to create a method that could be applied to any industry, and work in today’s day and age.

As a father of a three, I had to create something that would allow me to work on the most important pillars of my business and let go of everything else. It had to be something that is easy, replicable, scalable and is 100% based on principles - not theory.

And it’s my pleasure to share it ALL with you today in hopes you see your current approach to growing your business from a different lens. Keep reading and you’ll get access to the foundation of our success, and it’s laid out in a step-by-step guide for you to implement immediately.


I call my signature method, The V.P.C. Method.

It’s designed to assess your market so we can find the path to least resistance from those who are already looking to purchase your services or products. Then, we create a unique, value-driven experience for each person who crosses that path so you can build trust 5x faster than your competition.

Executing our method means we don’t stick to just Facebook™, Instagram™, Youtube™, or Social Media. We have multiple strategies to bring in new revenue for our clients, pretty much immediately. We hear so often from business owners who think if they can just get their Facebook™ ads to convert, it’ll solve all their problems.

That’s rarely, if ever, the case.

It’s not up to the ads to support the “ship”. Your offer has to be created first, and be created specifically for your core service or product. After that’s created you can start to build the sales process, which is supported by your marketing efforts, and then measured, tweaked and scaled.

So you can see, all the marketing comes last.

V.P.C. Method - stands for - Value. Pitch. Close.

I believe that your ability to demonstrate value is always the driving force of whether someone trusts you or not. I also believe that your income is directly related to the amount of goodwill you have in the marketplace.

Since we have large amounts of data to back that belief, we made sure to create a methodology that supported where buyers are headed in 2019 and beyond.

When you take the time to understand buyer psychology, you position yourself to win in the long run.

To see how our V.P.C. Method can help your business over the next 90 days, grab your V.P.C. Guide here.

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