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Owner, CEO

My wife classifies me as a "Type A" personality, which I guess is pretty accurate.

Here's the deal: 

  • I don't deal with bulls*!

  • I'm about solutions, Not excuses.

  • I'm honest. Like, “You Might Not Want To Hear It” Kind Of Honest.

But I've always been a firm believer that if you truly care for someone, then you deal it to them straight.

You don't fluff. You don't sugarcoat.

You tell it like it is, because how else is that person supposed to get the help they need?

My life philosophy revolves around respect, accountability & consequences. 

(which all three are completely taboo now-a-days)

As for me personally, I'm a husband who’s been with the love of my life for over 8 years now. 

I'm a dad to three wildlings who, I swear, come from "beyond the wall". (yes, that was a GOT reference)

I'm a dedicated Dallas Cowboys fan, and have been so since infancy. I love a good game of Poker, a nice glass of Malbec and the soothing sounds of the piano (or, Post Malone) in the background.

I’m a born-and-bred Las Vegas native, so risk-taking is literally in my DNA.

At 15, I was applying for my own apartment with my older sister using the money I saved from one of my “side hustles” back then.

By 20, I had put myself and my sister through Real Estate School –– starting my entrepreneurial journey!

I was always hustlin'…

Prior to starting Northwicks Consulting with my wife, I launched a ton of businesses that all taught me valuable lessons. Including:

  • the original – real estate

  • side hustles — Free lance, Poker, etc…

  • food truck (G.O.T.E)

  • indoor trophy Truck Raceway

While all failed for one reason or another, they each taught me a valuable lesson. 

I realized soon after a lot of those lessons could help other people, so fast-forward to 27 years old, and I find myself moving across country with a 3-yr old, a pregnant wife in her second trimester, and we eventually land in Katy, TX.

I know what you might be thinking:

”You moved to start the consulting company,”

Not true. Admittedly, we moved still trying our best to make our online business, work. 

>> NEWSFLASH: it didn't. <<

And that's where, personally, while I think it's important to have the skills to sell anything to anyone; you should be ethical about it, and stand behind the product you're selling.

My problem?

I didn’t truly stand behind what I Was Selling.

Which is why the consulting company happened more by accident than anything else. 

Someone asked for consulting services (something I didn't have/sell at the time), I shot a price outta my a* and the dude said YES!


It dawned on me just how many entrepreneurs, business owners, company managers and even employees had no idea how to market or sell their business.

Not in a way that ultimately helped them get control of their business.


Northwicks Consulting was born. 

A complete, sales + marketing consulting firm on a mission to help improve relevancy, amplify sales and ultimately give you (back) control of your business!

Whenever I'm not consulting with clients, I'm either enjoying time with my family, at church or working towards the Big Mission God put into my heart in 2015:

"The Army of Angels"

A unique foundation specifically with the mission of helping 1 Million children reach financial and spiritual freedom by the age of 25, through the implementation of God-driven prosperity, financial and entrepreneurial principles. 

Each of our clients are aware of my intention for this foundation, recognizing that the best way they can help make the this mission a reality, is by letting us help their business make more impact through better sales + marketing systems.