Do Whatever It Takes Academy
for your College or University

Currently, we are only creating strategic partnerships with ONE college or university, per state — we'd love for that to be YOURS!

To make sure we are valuing your time, please use the form to the right to share your official demo/pricing request.

Once you submit your request, Sara will reach out within 24 hours to call + schedule the best time to give your demonstration.


You can also contact us directly at the office:

Northwicks Consulting, LLC
5451 Latta Plantation Dr.
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(p) 702-789-8300

How The Academy Benefits Your Students?

Your students get the benefit of accessing real world, in-the-moment strategies and skills that make the goal of operating a profitable business a reality.

Every strategy, principle and skill set taught in the Academy is tested + applied with actual business owners and entrepreneurs who currently invest thousands per month to learn what your students will learn (but for a fraction of the investment)! 

Your students no longer have to approach the marketplace after graduation wondering if what they learned is still relevant to today's economy.

If they plan on owning + operating their own business, they can set it up to generate community-impacting profits within 24 months, if not sooner, within the Academy.

If they plan to work for an already established company, they know have specific knowledge and skillsets that'll allow them to bring more value to the table as an employee — which means, everybody wins!

How The Academy Benefits Your School?

Fair question. Your college or your university would benefit by being able to: increase future applications + new student recruitment, as well as boost your level of exclusivity since you'll be the ONLY school within the state that offers its business students access to Do Whatever It Takes Academy! 

Your school can leverage the results and testimonies of students' success stories to entice potential new students to enroll with your school.

Your school would also enjoy the benefits that come from setting your students up to succeed in a fast-paced, ever evolving business world. By positioning them to generate profits quickly, they can then turn around and impact the lives of those in their community + local economy. 

Plus, you don't have to worry about having to go through the bureaucracy, red tape and massive time gaps that come with updating your own curriculum; you can leverage Do Whatever It Takes Academy to do that for you! 

In a nutshell: you teach your students (foundationally) how to keep the money;
we teach them how to make more of it!