But first, let me start by saying:

Succeeding in business isn't something you learn in a textbook or by taking a bunch of courses. Yes, books & courses help. But the truth is: success comes through strategic application, real-world experience, and sometimes - a lot of failure.

It's not enough to have basic theory of how building, growing and scaling a business should work. 

You have to have the skills.

You have to have the right information.

You have to have the grit and drive to smash through the obstacles that come your way.

It's never been a better time than it is right now for entrepreneurs to have a solid shot at making it in today's economy.

DO WHATEVER IT TAKES ACADEMY was created for the business operator looking to bring more knowledge, more skills to the table in order to help the company increase revenue (thus, increasing their value).

It was also created for the entrepreneur who not only wants to make a positive impact in others' lives — but wants the ability, the skill, to control their own personal economy, also.

If you want the confidence, the knowledge and the skills to effectively + profitably build, grow and scale your business in today's (insanely) fast-paced digital age...this Academy is for you and the time to join, is NOW!


Looking for a monthly plan? Scroll down.

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Everything You Want In Life, Is One Sale Away.

We give you the skills to get more of what you want from your business, and more of what you want from your life.


Over 160+ Lessons

With a min. of one, new video course added weekly; you'll be able to find the video you need, when you need it + have full confidence it contains the most current strategy or skillset.

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Infinite Access for all Active Members

Learn what you want, when you want - 24 hours a day, 7 days a week so long as you're an active member.


Advanced Platforms

The platform is always evolving to ensure members are able to retain what they're learning in the absolute best digital environment.


Seamlessly On-Demand

View the Academy content from any desktop, laptop, iPad, tablet or phone - it's all 100% responsive to the way you watch your videos. One account; multiple access points!



Over 160+ Lessons • 24/7 On-Demand Access • Live Workshops • 100K Resource Center • Plus, More! 


Do Whatever It Takes Academy is your asset to effectively enhance your skills to market and sell yourself, your service or your products...regardless of market conditions!  

Retention Rate

Over 3,300+ Web Sessions Taken

New Members Added,

Do Whatever It Takes Academy Membership Includes:


(2) Monthly Members Meetings

$9,996 per year -- included, FREE!


Swipe, Templates, Frameworks + Exercises for Maximum Clarity

$997 -- included, FREE!

Private Member's Community

Priceless -- included, FREE!

In addition, members also get:

  • New Video(s) added, weekly
  • Twice-a-week, LIVE One-on-One Pop Up Sessions
  • NEW "Winning Ad Wednesdays" — everything you need for creating winning FB Ads!
  • $97 OFF for each Private Call with Brandon or Sara normally $197 per call
  • Our Ultimate Webinar Blueprint
  • Recap Vault — access to every recorded Members Meeting
  • An entirely new outlook on:
    — understanding sales + how to go from amateur to professional
    — overcoming objections
    — closing (more) deals
    — plus, more!

    — traffic generation
    — lead page creation
    — sales letters
    — advanced email marketing
    — branding
    — behaviorally dynamic sales machines

12 Month Access

• Unlimited Access to ALL Content
• Over 125+ Lessons + New Lessons Added Weekly
• 24/7 On-Demand Access on All Devices!
• Private Member's Community for Unprecedented Communication w/Academy Creators
• (2) Monthly Member's Call
• (2) Weekly Pop-Up LIVE Sessions
• Bi-Weekly "Winning Ad Wednesdays"
• Unrestricted Access to Resources Center
• NO Monthly Payments!
• Save an extra 16% per month!


Monthly Access

• Unlimited Access to ALL Content
• Over 125+ Lessons + New Lessons Added Weekly
• 24/7 On-Demand Access on All Devices
• Private Member's Community for Unprecedented Communication w/Academy Creators
• (2) Monthly Member's Calls + LIVE Pop-Up Sessions
• Bi-Weekly "Winning Ad Wednesdays"
• Unrestricted Access to Resources Center



Still on the fence?

let's recap what you'll receive by investing into the Academy — into your future

  • Knowledge + skillset training currently provided to high-end personal clients for thousands per month
  • 24/7 On-Demand Access
  • Compatible across all major devices: desktops, laptops, tablets, iPads + cell phones
  • Minimum of one (1) new video lesson added weekly
  • Private Member's Community to personally connect and communicate with fellow members, as well as the Academy Creators
  • Access to ALL FUTURE CONTENT for active members
  • (2) Monthly Members Calls including Members Panel to dedicate 15-20 min deep-dive analysis of anything business, sales or marketing related, per panelist
  • Content Updates — included
  • (2) Weekly, LIVE, One-on-One Pop Up Sessions — one for Academy members, only; one for members + non-members
  • Tax deductuble
  • Recap Vault — access to every recorded Members Calls
  • Our Ultimate Webinar Blueprint, included for FREE
  • New, "WINNING AD WEDNESDAYS" – where we cover all things Facebook™ ads...your most puzzling questions, answered. You're biggest frustrations, solved! Optimization has never been easier than with our "Winning Ad Wednesdays"!
  • Save an extra 16% per month by paying annually
  • Unrestricted Access to our Resource Library
  • Scripts, eMail templates, worksheets, exercises, video + long form sales letter framework, etc INCLUDED!
  • $97 OFF for Private "ANALYZE ME" Calls with Brandon or Sara normally $197 per call
  • Special pricing to any live events
  • Undeniable proof that you are capable of directly shaping + controlling your own personal economy!


Q: how do the Members Calls work?

Twice a month, we hold a private Members Call for all members, allowing 4 Academy members to hop onas panelists. Each panelist gets 20-30 minutes to have any of their business, sales or marketing-related materials analyzed + critiqued , in order to improve current results. 

Q: what's the difference between the Members Calls and the LIVE Pop Ups?

The Members Calls are for private Academy members, only. The LIVE Pop Ups are for both members and non-members.

Q: what happens if I have to cancel?

Life happens, and we get that. If you need to cancel, you'll have to call the office at (702) 789-8300. Upon cancellation, access to both the Academy + Members Community will be revoked. To rejoin, you'll need to come aboard as a new member.

Q: how long do I have access to the Academy?

For every month you remain an active paying member, you have access to the Academy + all its content and resources.

Q: is there a set syllabus I have to follow?

No. Each member joins at a different place within their
business, and with various levels of knowledge + skillsets.

The Academy has core topics we focus on, but you
can start your lessons based on your needs at that


Q: what are LIVE Pop Up sessions?

A LIVE Pop Up Session is exactly how it sounds
it's where one person will hop onto a LIVE video session with either Brandon or Sara to discuss a business-related topic of your choice.

Technically, there are two types of Pop Ups we do:
every Monday for current Academy members, only
that's hosted through ZOOM; every Friday for members
or nonmembers, hosted on BeLive.

Are you ready to invest in yourself, your skills, your future?


Our "Whatever It Takes" Money Back Guarantee

If Do Whatever It Takes Academy does not deliver an impact or result in an improvement of business statistics; provide new perspective shifts; or expand the creative ability to generate new ideas for possible growth & development, a full refund will be offered. To qualify for the money-back guarantee, a member must complete a min. of 2 unique video lessons per week for a period of 12 weeks, attended 6 Members Calls (as a panelist or viewer) and conducted a minimum of 2 LIVE pop up sessions.