If you’re looking to have an in-house marketing team

develop all the sales + marketing material, architect and execute all the paid advertising campaigns… Plus have the skills to train your future sales team on how to maximize time and profits on each call generated… apply below.


Let's face it: even though a successful business can't operate without multiple well-oiled sales + marketing machines — not everyone digs the work required to actually architect and build them out.



  • You’ve hired help before and they kept everything they built after you left, and now you want more control of your marketing and sales process.

  • Dealing with all the tech stuff isn't your thing, and you’d like a team of experts to build out the advertising campaigns, new offers, dynamic follow up, each and every month.

  • You're all about outsourcing to keep your focus on building a business (rather that working in it), and you’re looking to see who is the best option for you.

  • You want a team of world class professionals doing all the hard work of conceptualizing, designing + architecting your future sales and marketing campaigns for you.

  • You want to focus on what you love most about your business, and work with a company that guarantees results.

  • Dealing with ad management sounds like a pain in the ass, and frankly, you’re tired of it.

  • Remembering to make constant, continuous tweaks to every little piece of your funnel sounds like a nightmare (ain’t nobody got time for that!)

  • Having sales and marketing systems working 24/7, never taking holidays or asking for sick days sounds like a total dream come true

  • You're 100% prepared to leverage your money to get more time in your life

“I can’t thank Sara enough for helping me with Facebook Ads!”
— Danielle L.M., Photographer

“First Class” Agency Package

Unlimited Sales + Marketing Machines, Ad Campaigns, Service or Product Offer Creation, Weekly Reports:

• Campaigns include: All Brand Awareness, Lead Generation + Sales Campaign in Facebook™, Google™, Instagram™, Youtube™, 3rd Part Sites Across The Internet

• All Web Pages Built Out In-House (Landing Pages, Sales Pages, Order Forms, Thank You pages, Confirmation pages, Schedule Pages, Survey Pages, Goodwill Pages, Webinar Pages, etc.) and all copy custom written.

• Funnel monitoring: each week you’ll receive a report with the “good, bad, and course of action”. We’ll discuss the progress and reports so everyone knows what the plan is and how well the things being implements are currently working.

• Ad Maintenance: In the report we’ll add your advertising performance. It’s during this time we can see if it’s the marketing or the sales. With the focus being on the wrong element, your momentum will crash and sales will stall.

• Follow Up Optimization: we believe in behavior dynamic follow up. That means we only want to send people the stuff they are behaviorally indicating they want more of. We set up the systems for easy tracking and with the follow up in place, you’re looking at a nice back-end sales system that will remove the pressure form your day to day outreach.



  • Weekly reports with data collection, split testing, variations, adjustments

  • Custom audience creation

  • Complete campaign development, creation + maintenance

  • R&D (research + development)

  • creation + development of service stacks — maximizing your profits by leveraging your current services in a creative way

  • Unlimited lead-page creation — initial capture page + sales/thank you page

  • Unlimited sales letters

  • Unlimited offer ideas

  • 100% architecture and execution of advertising campaigns

  • Refinement & development of your I.I.O. (irresistible intrigue offer)

  • Your very own behaviorally-dynamic email followup (refined each month)

  • Full segmentation - retargeting campaigns, offline event campaigns, and so much more!

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“This is incredible value! I’m staying on with you guys.”
— Mike Pachecho, Owner | Mike's Warriors Fitness