Freedom Formula Webinar Training Program — $997

A 5-week webinar program designed to help your business create and distribute high-quality content that sells. During this course, you'll learn:

  • Proper Targeting Techniques - how to attract only your ideal clients or customers who are most likely to respond to the offers on your webinars.
  • Template-by-Template - You get the exact structure (step-by-step process) to follow every time you want to sell more on your webinar. 
  • Pre-Webinar Liquidation - how to sell to your registrants prior to their attending your webinar. (it's simple...but nobody is doing this...)
  • Indoctrination Process - inserting goodwill and developing trust and rapport with your registrant before they ever set foot in your webinar room. 
  • The Freedom Formula - what it takes to create a webinar that's centered around valuable, actionable content while still making a strong, solid sales offer...without it feeling out of place or overly pushy.
  • You Get The Script, the examples, and we create the entire process together. From title to ad to email sequence. 
  • Recap, here's what you're getting during our 5 weeks together:

    One Facebook / Google / Instagram Ad, One Webinar Registration Page, One Webinar Blueprint, One "Thank You"/Sales Page, Webinar Email Sequence (12 emails total), 2 Indoc Video Scripts, 2 Post Objection Videos Video Scripts.

    By the time we're done you'll have an entire webinar funnel created and the understanding of how to replicate it over and over again. 

Analyze Me — $197

A 60 min, deep dive screen sharing session to accelerate any current campaigns or to discuss ANYTHING business-related you would like.

  • $197 for a one-time, 60min deep dive into your business
  • Analyze your campaign funnels
  • Scour through your eMail or ad copy
  • Examine your social media presence
  • Go over any sales Qs, objections, negotiations or pitches for future sales meetings
  • ANYTHING BUSINESS, SALES OR MARKETING - yours for the asking!

Ultimate Swipe File: Email Swipes, Ad Templates, Efficiency Exercises + Framework — $997

eMail swipes include:

• 96Hr Cash Influx (aka: 4Day Cash Machine)
• Goodwill Campaign
• Survey Siphon
• Advanced Webinar Campaign
• Re-engagement Series Campaign

Over 30 email swipes altogether!

ad templates include: 

• Lead Generation
• Sales
• Brand Awareness
• Content

Our ads convert $15,000 clients and are responsible for $20,000+ in monthly sales.

efficiency exercises include:

• Situations / Solutions
• Perfect Avatar
• Giveaway Grid
• Webinar Blueprint
• Big Idea
• Milestone
• Before+After Grid
* Sales Letter Chunks

These will help you save time and increase conversions...guaranteed!