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This is normally where you're taken to a drab, boring, third-person bio. 

Sorry (#notsorry).  

Here's the deal:

My name's Sara. Yes, I'm Brandon's wife/biz partner.

I'm also a mother to a tiny tribe of three wild ones, a book-binging, latté-lovin' lady who's obsessed with cracking the confidence code for women.

I co-founded this sales + marketing firm with my husband after:

  • cancelling our las vegas lease

  • Trekking 1,274 miles with a 3-yr old to look for a new home in San Antonio, TX (tip: renting in sa during summer? horrible idea!)

  • Traveling another 169 miles to find a home in Katy, TX

  • ...In the middle of summer time

  • ...While pregnant, in my second trimester🤰🏻

We did this purely on faith that the online business we were trying to build at the time, was going to work.

>> NEWSFLASH: it didn't. << 🙄

We realized that if we had any hopes of making it, something needed to change, pronto!

CUE endless nights of way too many cups of coffee, 18-20 hour days of nothing but training, implementation, one-too-many Braxton Hicks contractions that were followed up with....

”It’s the Internet, hello!”
— random person who filled out our form and lied straight thru his teeth!

...and you've got the beautiful start to what's now, Northwicks Consulting, LLC. 

If you haven't checked out our company's "in a nutshell" story, you should.

It's not glamorous. But, it is real. 

My husband has been an entrepreneur since he was 15 yrs old.

The closest I came to entrepreneurship was orchestrating garage sales. 🤨

Owning my profit path and building a business was never in my realm of possibility until our paths collided on a hot summer day in Las Vegas, 2010. 

Not to be all anti-feminist and whatnot, but I wouldn't be where I am without him beside me. 

When I'm not making sales or helping in the business, you can find me: at church; being outnumbered by our kiddos; binge-watching SUITS; taking bookcations or attempting to tackle manual mode on our Nikon.


Come SOCIAlize!

“I highly recommend Brandon and Sara if you are looking to take your business online and learn the ins and outs of what it takes to do so.”
— Elite Core Fitness